No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention; Twin Spray Bundle

Stop Your Digging Dogs.  Save Money.  No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention twin spray pack is the solution....

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No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention; Twin Spray Bundle

No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention; Twin Spray Bundle


No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention; Twin Spray Bundle



Stops digging dogs and cats!

No Holes uses natural repellent oils such as garlic, peppermint and cinnamon. Dogs and cats dig for a number of reasons. No Holes makes them uncomfortable where they like to dig.

Over consistent use, the pets are trained not to dig and you then have "No More Holes"!

Safe and effective, No Holes works for over 97% of dog breeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Zone protects No Holes?

No Holes contains natural repellents oils such as garlic, peppermint and cinnamon oils. The product is an emulsion (oil and water don't mix) so be sure to SHAKE WELL before using.


SHAKE WELL. For Ready-to-Use products, create a perimeter around where your dog is digging. This could be around holes in your yard, flowerbeds or under fences. Then, spray generously in the hole itself and cover the hole with dirt. Finally, spray the top of the dirt once more. Allow to dry and re-apply as needed.

For Concentrate products, SHAKE WELL and add to your own two-gallon garden sprayer. Fill with water, shake again and follow the ready-to-use instructions above.

How long does it last?

Zone No Holes uses "Rain Guard" technology. This means that the natural oils are encapsulated to protect them from UV degradation. UV degradation allows the oils to be water soluble and wash away more easily. Rain Guard technology slows down that process. Generally, No Holes will be effective for 4 weeks but with excessive rainfall, may require re-application.

Does it work on all dog breeds?

No Holes has been proven effective on most dog breeds. Our data indicates that No Holes is effective on 97-99% dog breeds. German Shepherds tend to not care about the use of No Holes. Disclaimer: Some specific dogs are very aggressive diggers and sometimes No Holes doesn't work on them. This is why we offer a Money Back Guarantee!

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