When you’re shopping for insect repellent, there are many products on the market to choose from, but not all of them are safe and effective. The #1 feature of any bug spray is that is WORKS! That’s why at Zone Protects, we use PICARIDIN in our insect repellent products to keep you protected and safe while also warding off unwanted insects, bites, and any potential diseases they may carry.


One of the most important reasons why we use picaridin is because it’s a proven and safe ingredient that’s effective in repelling ticks and mosquitos, which are two of the most common biting insects that can potentially pass on disease. With this ingredient in our products, we can help you and your family stay safe and healthy while spending quality time outdoors!


One of the most irritating things about insect repellents can be the sticky, greasy, or otherwise gross feeling your skin gets when you use them. With picaridin, our products won’t create that feeling, and instead, you’ll have clean-feeling skin or clothing with highly effective insect repellent. Because there is no additional grease or sticky residue on your skin, you can also rest assured that your skin stays healthier and looks better during long stints of outdoor activities!


At Zone Protects, we care about the impact our products make on the environment and our customers, which is why we use picaridin instead of other, potentially harmful ingredients. Because picaridin is such a powerful, naturally-derived repellent, we never have to use other ingredients that can put your health at risk. Our insect repellent products are never created using any ingredients that contain neurotoxins or plasticizers so you can feel good about using our products.


Naturally-derived ingredient Picaridin is a natural ingredient that is EPA registered, so you know that it’s safe to use without harming our environment. Because we care about creating ethical products that our customers can trust in and rely on, we make sure to use ingredients, like picaridin, which are cleared as environmentally-friendly products. Those “all-natural repellents” do not have to register with the EPA and can claim whatever they want without any data choose wisely
and choose Picaridin.

How It Works

Picaridin works with your body’s chemistry by masking your natural human scent. This means that bugs may see you but cannot smell you and certainly do not consider you a food-source. This is why Picaridin is naturally odor-free. Other products such as DEET and natural oils work by their intense odor which drives bugs away. However, that means that us as people also have to endure the strong, nasty chemical smell. Choose Picaridin and drop the DEET.

PICARIDIN; The BEST Choice for personal insect repellents