Zone Protects was born out of a mission to help and protect people as we are a Faith-Based company!

In 1998, when the founder, Brian Baer, saw his friend’s family dog digging and wreaking havoc in their flowerbeds, he set out to help. Brian worked to create a safe, effective and all-natural animal repellent and that is how Zone No Holes! began.

Years later (2017), the mission evolved to helping those suffering from insect-borne diseases. Brian had to create a formulation that 1) worked better, 2) was safer and 3) was pleasant to use. Existing offerings such as DEET and all-natural ingredients did not satisfy his three criteria. This spurned the formation of Baer Enterprises, Zone Repellents and eventually the Zone Protects brand.

Today, Baer Enterprises manufactures multiple brands in multiple markets. In fact, Brian's vision for the company is bold.

An American Conglomerate Vision from Alabama

Baer Enterprises, based in Decatur, Alabama, aims to establish an American conglomerate dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a diverse array of brands and products across multiple markets. Rooted in faith, our flagship brand, Zone Protects, embodies our mission to safeguard and assist people.

Founded by Brian & Tammy Baer, we extend our impact through the Zone Foundation, a nonprofit that globally distributes life-saving insect repellents, supports Alzheimer's patients with handcrafted fidget blankets (known as Bobby’s Blankets), and fosters the development of strong individuals, families, and entrepreneurs guided by faith. Explore more about Baer Enterprises' entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to philanthropy at www.zoneprotects.com and www.zonefoundation.org