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We Don't Dig Digging Dogs

by Brian Baer 13 Jan 2024

Why do our beloved dogs love to dig holes? 

Here’s the story.  We want to buy a dog to share in our lives and enhance our enjoyment of life.  We have a nice house with a comfortable yard.  Grass, flowerbeds, wood fence and maybe a spot for a garden describes our backyard space. All we must do is train our new four-legged family member to pee and poop outside, in our backyard. 

The excitement of our new pet causes us to modify our lives but that’s okay. After some training and patience and certainly a few accidents, our new dog seems to understand that inside is for eating and spending time with family and the backyard is theirs to do its business in peace and comfort.  Life seems to be going very smoothly and a routine has been established.  But then, one Saturday afternoon, your amazing young puppy comes back in the house with dirty paws and mud on its nose. Now there’s trouble in the River City. And notice how I was writing this as “we and our” and once there is an issue…it becomes “your dog”.  No offense.

As you walk to the backyard, you immediately see the new object of your dog’s affection…a hole by the fence. It’s not a hole that is all the way under the fence, but it is a start.  The thoughts of your young dog escaping your amazing backyard and joining up with a roving pack of wild dogs without your permission scares you.  Questions circle your mind such as why your perfect little pet would do this?  What is missing from their life that would cause them to seek escape?  Why don’t they love you like you love them? 

Rational thought has to understand that the reason your puppy has begun digging has nothing to do with their love and devotion to their human.  You have provided your canine with everything they could ever want and they are so lucky you chose them to be a part of your family. As you torture your soul trying to determine the root causes of this new destructive and painful habit, you also realize that as the human parent, an immediate solution is demanded.

The obvious solution must be a deterrent product that is safe and highly effective.  Preferably, it is a natural product to avoid any harsh chemicals on your lawn or around your pet.  As you search, you find Zone Protects No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention Spray.  It’s perfect.  All-natural, safe and highly effective. Applying No Holes! is easy and it doesn’t smell bad at all.  After you create a perimeter around the hole and then spray it down the entire fence line, you begin to think back to why your dog suddenly likes to dig holes.

The National Humane Society lists several reasons why dogs dig.  The first reason is that dogs may dig for entertainment especially when they learn that dirt, roots and grass “play back”.  If they have no playmates for long periods of time, they may become bored.  Puppies also have an abundance of energy and “playing in the dirt” seems like fun just like it is with human children.

Another interesting reason could be because they have seen you, their owner, digging in the flower bed or garden and just want to fit in.  Some pooches could feel that they “need a job” or something to help their human. 

Dogs often dig to catch burrowing animals or insects who live in your yard…their version of “hunting prey”. This may be the case if the digging is focused on a single area rather than the boundaries of the yard, dig at the roots of trees or shrubs or in a path.

Another reason dogs may dig is for their comfort and protection. In hot weather, dogs may dig holes to lie in the cool dirt. They may also dig to provide themselves with shelter from cold, wind or rain or to find water. Your dog may be digging for comfort or protection if the holes are near the foundations of buildings, large shade trees or a water source.

If your dog doesn't have a shelter or their shelter is too hot or cold, they could dig to provide that for themselves.

Dogs may also dig to get your attention.  Any behavior can become attention-getting behavior if the dog learns that they receive attention for engaging in it. Remember, even punishment is attention. Your dog may be looking for attention if they dig in your presence or have limited opportunities for interaction with you.

Finally, dogs may try to escape to get to something, to get somewhere or to get away from something. Your dog may be digging to escape if they dig under or along a fence. This could also be combined with a bored or curiosity factor.  If a dog sees something or perceives something on the other side of the fence, they want to try to check it out.

So, whether you see the root cause of your dog’s digging or not or maybe several of these factors fit, what do you do to prevent it?  Well, there is one thing “not to do”.

Don't use any product or method that could be toxic or dangerous to your pets or other animals. Anything that poisons wildlife can poison your dog too.

The solution: Treat the area, hole or fence line with Zone Protects No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention.  It is available in 32oz ready-to-use, a gallon with battery-operated want ready-to-use or a money-saving concentrate that requires a two-gallon garden sprayer.

No Holes! is safe and highly effective.  It is easy to use (doesn’t have a repulsive odor to humans) and doesn’t wash away easily in the rain. 

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