Tips to Prevent Gophers and Moles

Tired of burrowing creatures destroying your well manicured lawn? There are ways to fight back but the best is Zone Protects Eviction Liquid.

Tips to Prevent Gophers and Moles

Your property should be a source of pride, whether it’s your residential house or your favorite vacation cabin. However, even in the best of seasons, it’s important be careful of local rodents that can become serious nuisances — namely gophers and moles. Zone Protects is dedicated to helping our customers across the United States maintain their flower beds, gardens, front lawns, and house foundations, especially by protecting them from these types of burrowing rodents. While they may seem harmless, gophers and moles have the potential to cause serious damage to your residential property, which can in turn cost thousands on the part of the homeowner or property manager. Zone Protects is your source for all the gopher repellents and mole repellents you need, and today on our blog we’re going over a few simple tips to keep these nuisances at bay!


Apply All-Natural Animal Repellents

Zone Protects' bread and butter lies in providing all-natural animal repellents our clients can use to keep rodents from digging tunnels, creating burrows, and causing untold amounts of time-consuming damage. One of our best in-house solutions to preventing these issues from manifesting is to invest in a high-quality gopher repellent or mole repellent; this prevents these rodents from being drawn to your property so you don’t have to deal with the difficult task of getting rid of them. The idea behind our Zone Protects animal repellents — our products are also available to keep away deer, snakes, and other animals — is to provide a DEET-free (chemical-free) solution to commonplace issues, without drenching your grasses, flowers, and other plants with harmful substances. It’s our goal to maintain the health and safety of your loved ones by creating picaridin-based gopher repellent and mole repellent. Browse our selections online now!


Remove Their Food & Other Attractants

If you’re starting to notice early signs of gophers, models, or other animals being present on your property — and even if you are not — Zone Protects recommends taking the initiative and implementing proper precautions. Before you ever are in need of a gopher repellent or a mole repellent, you can keep rodents from digging and burrowing by removing any of the food sources that may attract them to your yard. Gophers and models have diets that primarily consist of earthworms, plant and vegetable matter, and seeds — which explains why they would be more drawn to your garden or flower bed. Some of the best ways our Zone Protects experts recommend employing to keep these rodents from coming onto your property is to plant gopher-resistant plants, removing any excess weeds and vegetation, and to limit your watering to one deepw catering each week (to reduce the presence of earthworms). If you follow all of these steps, your property will no longer become a desirable habitat for gophers and moles and you are less likely to have an issue with them!

Limit Their Access to Your Property & Yard

Even if you follow the Zone Protects steps above — utilizing an all-natural gopher repellent or a mole repellent, and removing any resources that can entice these rodents to enter your property — you may still want an extra layer of protection. Much like how a gardener may use a chicken wire fence to protect fruits and vegetables from being eaten by squirrels, rabbits, and deer, Zone Protects recommends doing the same thing. Adding a fence or barrier of sorts around your flowers, garden, or other plants can provide a tremendous amount of protection from rodents if you aren’t able to immediately acquire a gopher repellent or a mole repellent. What’s important to keep in mind, though, is to ensure these barriers are made of sturdy materials, such as sheet metal, and that they are bent at an outward right angle at the bottom; bury the bent section — facing away from the plant itself — below the soil surface. These fences will prevent gophers and moles from getting close to the roots of your plants, and preventing them from tunneling too close.


Repel, Protect & Defend With Zone Protects’ Repellents

Don’t let unwanted and unwelcome rodents ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your front lawn or backyard! Zone Protects is your source for gopher repellents and mole repellents to prevent any damage of sorts to your flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants; let us help you protect against unnecessary tunneling or burrowing before it actually becomes an issue! By spraying our all-natural, animal repellents around the perimeter of your residential property, you can have peace of mind and feel confident gophers and moles won’t ever be an issue. Follow all our Zone Protects tips listed above for prolonging the life of your local flora and browse all our other products online now! We have a solution for whatever issue you may experience with animals or insects; we also provide hand sanitizer and disinfectants for everyday use.

Learn more about our Zone Protects organization, and our gopher repellent and mole repellent, online today!