Mosquito Bite Symptoms and Treatment

Mosquito Bite Symptoms and Treatment

Whether you’re out camping, or are enjoying the hot summer sunshine, mosquitoes tend to be a problem — especially at dawn and dusk.

Whether you’re out camping, or are enjoying the hot summer sunshine, mosquitoes tend to be a problem — especially at dawn and dusk. While these may seem like small annoyances that are associated with going outside, it’s important to recognize the characteristics of mosquito bites and to protect yourself against any potential diseases they may carry. Zone Protects is dedicated to providing high-quality, all-natural insect repellents that our clients across the United States can use every single day; it’s our mission to help families, adults, and children repel mosquitos and go outside in complete confidence. Today on our blog, we’re helping our readers identify all the signs of symptoms of a mosquito bite and how to best treat them. Protect yourself with Zone Protects’ insect repellent today!

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Mild, Common Symptoms & Reactions

Typically, most individuals do not have severe reactions after receiving a mosquito bite. As soon as a female mosquito bites you — males do not bite people or animals — it pierces the skin to suck up blood; the mosquito's saliva is then injected into the skin, which the body then reacts to. From there, different symptoms and reactions can occur, including:

  • An easily-recognizable red, itchy bump on the surface of the skin; or several small bumps appearing near the bite site

  • Small blisters appearing near the bite site

  • Dark spots, similar to that of a bruise

At Zone Protects, we understand how even this small, seemingly insignificant bite can create a big annoyance for individuals across the country; this is why we’ve created a line of all-natural insect repellents (available in scented and unscented). With the help of our DEET-free, picaridin-based repellents, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from having to deal with the inconvenient symptoms of a mosquito bite. Browse our collection today to find the right pack for you!

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Severe Symptoms & Reactions

Unfortunately, severe reactions to a mosquito bite are possible in certain individuals: children, adults bitten by a mosquito species they have not been exposed to, and individuals with immune system disorders. In these unique cases, Zone Protects’ all-natural insect repellent becomes an absolute necessity during the peak biting seasons, spring and summer. Mosquito bite symptoms tend to be a bit more dramatic for individuals who have a severe reaction, which can include:

  • Larger amount of swelling and redness near the bit site

  • Low-grade fever

  • Hives appearing on the skin

  • Swollen lymph nodes

Our Zone Protects organization recommends taking appropriate measures to prevent mosquitoes from biting you; don’t take the chance of possibly experiencing a severe reaction. Our insect repellent is perfect for everyday folks, hunters, small children, and pregnant women alike, featuring an invisible spray and long-lasting effects! Purchase your own pack and spend time outside in total confidence!

Treatment For Mosquito Bites

Should you experience the familiar itchiness of a mosquito bite, there are a few simple measures our Zone Protects team recommends to ensure some relief. The first step is to head inside and wash the affected area with both soap and water; afterward, apply an ice pack for about 10 minutes on the affected area in order to reduce any redness and swelling. However, if these home-based remedies aren’t helping the itchiness, an over-the-counter anti-itch or antihistamine cream can provide additional relief! Continue taking these treatment measures for a few days in order to get the full effect, and monitor your symptoms just in case the bite becomes infected.

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Preventing Possible Complications From Mosquito Bites

Zone Protects is proud to help our clients prevent mosquito bites from becoming an issue. As the weather gets warmer, and you start spending more time outside in the evening, we recommend applying a layer of our EPA-registered insect repellent a few times a day. However, other precautions should be taken to ensure you get full-body protection; wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when mosquitoes are most active and invest in clothing items treated with the insecticide permethrin. We do advise you — whether you tend to have mild or severe reactions to mosquito bites — that complications can arise, such as the bite itself becoming infected or the individual becoming infected with a virus or parasite. If your symptoms do worsen, it’s advised to speak to a healthcare provider, but Zone Protects can save you from these situations before they become an issue.

Repel, Protect & Defend With Zone Protects’ Insect Repellents

Make sure you regularly wear an effective, all-natural, and EPA-registered insect repellent during the summer to protect yourself from mosquito bites! Zone Protects can help you stay safe with our DEET-free, easy spray formulas, safe for everyone! Our partnerships with Red Cross, UNICEF, and Malaria No More have informed us greatly on the impacts mosquito-borne diseases can have, and we’re dedicated to helping our community. Purchase your own non-sticky, non-greasy bottle of our insect repellent today!

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