How To Keep Bugs, Insects, and Critters Away While Hunting

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How To Keep Bugs, Insects, and Critters Away While Hunting

No matter what you’re hunting, bugs can make a hunting trip uncomfortable. More so, bugs such as mosquitoes and ticks can carry diseases. It may seem like insects are unavoidable, however, there are some actions you can take to keep them away from you. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re looking for hunting insect repellent, shop Zone Products today!


Use an Insect Repellant

Hunting insect repellent is one of the most effective ways to keep bugs away. Try using our REALTREE Invisible Hunter Insect Repellent. This invisible spray is long-lasting, non-greasy, and non-sticky. We use picaridin, which is the best hunting bug repellant, and a great solution for those who love hunting and are looking for a safer approach than DEET to protecting themselves from insects and the diseases they carry.


Wear Clothing with Net Features

Wearing netting-covered clothing keeps insects like mosquitoes from getting close to your skin, preventing bites. There are various types of clothes available, including shirts with built-in mosquito nets and headgear to keep mosquitoes from attacking your face. The best part about wearing clothes with netting is that it won’t harm your skin. In that way, it works as a natural hunting insect repellent.


Be Fragrance-Free

When going on your hunting expedition, it is best not to attract attention to yourself. Animals have a heightened sense of smell and can easily pick up on perfumes. Use scent-free body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and perfumes to both avoid being noticed by animals as well as bugs.


Clean Your Hunting Gear

Even if you don't wear a strong perfume, shampoo, or conditioner, your clothes may pick up the aroma of your laundry detergent. As a result, avoid using scents or aroma detergent when washing your hunting gear, and dry it on a clothesline if possible.

Make Your Next Hunting Trip Bug-Free!

Our insect repellents provide 12-hour protection without using DEET. Instead, we utilize picaridin, which is harmless, while still effectively repelling insects. Shop our REALTREE Invisible Hunter Insect Repellent today!

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