How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Digging?

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Digging?

It’s no secret that dogs are very active creatures, and they can be very destructive if you let them. From chewing up their favorite toys, or possibly even your furniture, to digging holes in your yard, there are some behaviors that you may wish you could change. Luckily, at Zone Protects, we offer animal repellents that can help you teach your pooch to stop digging holes. Continue reading below to learn more about this product and a few other tricks that might help curb the bad behavior, and order your Digging Dog Prevention Spray from Zone Protects today!

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Place Chain Link Fencing Near Digging Area

If you have a fence in your yard that your dog is determined to dig under, a separate chain-link fence could be a possible solution. We’re not suggesting that you put up yet another fence in your yard. Instead, consider laying the chain link fencing on the ground and anchoring it to the bottom of the fence. The placement of the fence should make it uncomfortable for your dog to walk on, stopping them from digging under the fence!

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Work With Your Dog to Modify Behavior

There are many reasons why your dog may choose to dig, such as hunting prey like bunnies, burying toys, or simply just being a dog. However, if the behavior is ruining your yard, one thing you can do is try training your dog and modifying the behavior. For example, the next time your dog starts to dig, get one of their favorite toys and distract your pup with the toy so that they stop digging. When you do this enough times, there’s a good chance they will no longer feel the need to dig.

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Create a Safe Digging Zone

In some cases, the behavior just can’t be modified, regardless of how hard you try. If that’s the case with your dog, consider creating a safe digging zone for your pup. You can pick a spot in your yard where it’s okay for your dog to dig, and if they start to dig somewhere else, you can simply move them to the safe digging zone.

No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention Spray

Use No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention Spray

If none of the above tips seem to do the trick, Zone Protects can help! Our No Holes! Digging Dog Prevention Spray is made with all-natural repellent oils that makes your animal uncomfortable enough to leave their favorite digging spot alone. Simply spray some of the Digging Dog Prevention Spray around the area where your dog likes to dig, and they should leave it alone.

Does your dog have a digging problem? Zone Protects is here to help! Learn more about our Digging Dog Prevention Spray on our website and place an order today!

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