4 Reasons to Use a Digging Repellent for Your Dog

4 Reasons to Use a Digging Repellent for Your Dog

Dogs love to dig outside, and it’s a common issue that owners continue to face. When they do this, it can cause destruction to your lawn because they might be digging in the wrong places. Digging also can encourage other bad behaviors.

Zone Protects can help! Our all-natural No HolesDog Digging Repellent can prevent your furry friend from digging outside. We’re going to talk about some reasons to use digging repellent on your lawn to prevent your dog from digging. If you are interested in trying out dog digging repellent, shop No Holes! today!


Saves Your Lawn

Using a digging repellent saves your lawn from the destruction your furry friend is causing by digging holes or other destructive behaviors like chewing. Our No Holes! product saves your lawn from these behaviors that harm your lawn. Simply spray the area you want to protect. Once you spray your lawn, it offers months of protection against your dog digging and chewing on. It also provides an all-natural solution that doesn’t harm your lawn or your dog!


Trains Your Dog Where It Is Appropriate to Dig

By using our No Holes! product, you can train your dog on where to dig! To train your dog, all you need is some of their favorite treats or toys and an untreated spot in the yard. The untreated area will serve as a great place to train and for them to learn it’s okay to dig there. Your furry friend will learn through this training that it’s an okay place for them to dig. If your training is still unsuccessful, try other digging enrichment options for them!


Encourages Your Dog to Play in Other Ways

Digging repellent can also be a great way to help encourage your furry friend that it’s okay to play in other ways than digging. You can help encourage this play through their favorite toys, finding fun games they like to play like fetch or frisbee, or even through something like agility training! We also find that activities like walks or the dog park can be great ways to help them play or get activity! If the digging behavior still can’t be modified, you can try a digging toy or a dig box for them so they are still able to dig, but won’t not destroy your lawn in the process.


Worry Less About Taking Your Dog Somewhere

We all worry at some point or another about how our dogs will behave when we take them somewhere. We also know having some peace of mind when taking your dog somewhere is important. By using digging repellent to help train them where it is appropriate to dig and teaching them other ways to play, it helps you worry less about taking them out to your favorite park or a friend’s house. Another way to help worry less is by playing with your dog prior to leaving the house if you aren’t planning for them to get any activity while you are gone.

Is your dog ruining your lawn? Try a digging repellent! It’s great for saving your lawn, teaching your dog something new, and for peace of mind when you leave the house with your furry friend. Zone Protects knows how much our furry friends mean to us, so it’s important that it’s a product made of all-natural ingredients as to not harm your dog or your lawn. Shop No Holes! Dog Digging Repellent today!

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